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Sash window repair to improve the environment.

One of the best things for the environment is repair to sash windows whenever possible. Repairing sash windows has a huge reductive impact on your overall carbon footprint as well as having the ability to reduce the amount of energy that your uses as well. With sash window repair and sash window draught proofing you can really make a difference. In this article we will go through all the benefits of sash window repair and draught proofing and the positive impact they have on the environment.

Because sash window repair requires considerably less materials than entire replacement would, it means that obviously far less trees need to be chopped down in order for your windows to be preserved. The other key issue with sash window repair rather than replacement is the fact that you simply don’t need to install new glazing. Making glass is an extremely power hungry process. All glass production consumes considerable energy, in fact plastic windows take as much as 6 times more energy to produce.

What is sash window repair of house in benefit the environment?

Sash window repair means many things but the most notable are sash window recording, sills, and a draught proofing system into an original single glazed sash window. A draught proofing system will considerably help with the amount of energy that your original sash window uses. One of the most common problems is draughts and cold coming round the side of the windows and the comprehensive draught proofing system solves this to about 95% efficiency. Once a professional sash window company has made this install you’re almost instantly seeing huge temperature improvements to your property and you’ll burn less gas with the central heating.

How sash window sill replacement is much more environmentally friendly than full replacement.

If your window sill is rotten it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to entirely replace your sash window, most of the repairs can be affected with like-for-like timber splicing. Normally, you would use hardwood to effect the repairs as this means that you’ll have a long lasting repair that could last up to 20 years. This assumes that you keep the window well decorated and maintained. Obviously, 20 years is a long time and not have to replace your window and is extremely beneficial for the environment.

Sash window draught proofing can put a big dent in the carbon you produce.

Sash window draught proofing can have an instant effect on the carbon footprint of your property. When you draught proof sash windows you stop all of the cold coming through sides at the tops of the middles of a sash. These gaps in a sash window equate to 6 inches square overall and it’s like having an open hole in your home. This also brings me to the point that it’s well worth covering up any ventilation bricks that are directly linked to the outside between the two wall cavities in your property as this will help reduce carbon consumption too.

To conclude sash window repairs that improve the environment.

Sash window repair will absolutely improve the environment because it’s saves the need to entirely replace a sash window. Complete replacement is far more power consuming than minor repairs. Granted, you have a day of installers coming round and using power tools as well as burning fuel to get to the property but this is a considerably less amount of fuel that would be burnt if it was a complete replacement.

Most sash window specialists can actually repair 5 windows per day. This is another interesting point because of course replacement you can only normally do 2 to 3. That means by repairing you actually doubling the speed in which the windows are brought to a sound condition. That means on top of the fact that it’s far more environmentally friendly it’s almost twice as quick so half the overall energy is used on top of the huge energy savings and so sash window repairs are a huge benefit to the environment.

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