Blackpool's Annual Festival
of Circus & Performance

13-20 Feb 2016

Showzam! Entertains Blackpool School Children

School children are being encouraged to witness the spectacle that is Showzam! - Blackpool’s festival celebrating Circus, Magic and New Variety.

Children spinning platesA wide variety of free and paid for shows take place throughout the 10-day festival with many targeted specifically at a younger audience and families.

And magician Mr Albert, who is running Mr Albert’s Trade of the Tricks workshop as well as performing in Mr Albert’s Big Finish at the Grand Theatre, is visiting primary schools across Blackpool teaching youngsters some of the finer skills of traditional variety.

Plate spinning, juggling and slapstick comedy are all included in the lesson and the man behind Mr Albert, Jon Marshall, said it is a great way of engaging children and encouraging them to take part in Showzam!

Jon said: “It is fantastic to visit schools and show the children some of the tricks of the trade.

“The response is great and it is really lovely to see their amazement with some of the work we do.”

Mr Albert has visited six schools across the resort with his trusty partner Charlie the Caretaker and the pair will be performing daily at the Grand from February 18th – 22nd where you can learn a variety of tricks from pulling a tablecloth from underneath crockery to floating a glass of water in the air.

Showzam! organised by Marketing Blackpool with Professor Vanessa Toulmin from the University of Sheffield, returns for its sixth outing from February 15th - 24th.

More than 150 performers will tread the boards, walk the streets and School Workshopquite simply dazzle audiences this year and Mr Albert is certainly one to watch.

Jon added: “I enjoy performing at Showzam! because, as one who has a passion for variety and all the allied arts,  I delight in being able to share that passion with so many people of all ages.

“I love Blackpool. There has hardly been a year of my life when I haven't visited Blackpool - as a child with my family, as a magician, performer and showman and as a visitor I am drawn to the shows and lights and all that makes Blackpool the national home of the variety arts.

“Showzam!  celebrates this with residents and people from all over the UK and abroad. If the Tower wore a crown, Showzam! would be the jewel in the centre.”

Other events at Showzam! include the Wookey Hole Youth Circus, The Invisible Circus – with their specially commissioned piece, The Last Waltz, Spy Monkey, the increasingly popular Carnival Ball, a massive variety of street performers including Musical Ruth and The Grannies, and Rogue Theatre’s The Dancer and The Devil.

There will also be a wide selection of tours and talks including Pleasure Beach Resort Costume Tours; Palaces of Delight, presented by Professor Vanessa Toulmin, exploring the beauty and wealth of Matcham architecture in Blackpool as well as the Winter Gardens and The Blackpool Tower & Circus Heritage Tour.


Blackpool's annual festival of Circus and Outdoor Street Arts

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