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Double glazed sash windows to improve the environment

One of the biggest problems homeowners face for single glazed sash windows is the fact that they’re drafty and cold and really don’t help the environment because you have to turn your heating up so high which obviously burns so much in the way of fossil fuels. Double glazed sash windows help to resolve the issue of fossil fuel use through the reduction in heating use in your property. In this article when I take a closer look at how old double glazed sash windows are constructed and how they could potentially reduce your energy consumption throughout your property. Ultimately this …

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Sash window repair to improve the environment.

One of the best things for the environment is repair to sash windows whenever possible. Repairing sash windows has a huge reductive impact on your overall carbon footprint as well as having the ability to reduce the amount of energy that your uses as well. With sash window repair and sash window draught proofing you can really make a difference. In this article we will go through all the benefits of sash window repair and draught proofing and the positive impact they have on the environment. Because sash window repair requires considerably less materials than entire replacement would, it means …

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ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems: Implementing Polices and Procedures to Improve Sustainability

The global International Organisation for Standardisation or ISO as it is more commonly known is responsible for the development of product and service standards and quality management. ISO 14001 sets outs the requirements for environmental management systems. Implementing environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001 is a strategy that can be used in corporate social responsibility programs. What are Environmental Management Systems Environmental management systems are policies and procedures adopted and implemented by an organisation in order to meet legislative requirements and oversee environmental impacts. ISO 14001 suggests that environmental management systems are created in accordance with the Plan-Do-Check-Act …

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Alternative Green Energy Source From Tidal Power: Renewable Electricity Generation by Turbines On The Seabed

A newly developed source of clean energy is soon to be tested on the seabed of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada. This new alternative renewable electricity resource will generate power from the tides that, in the Bay of Fundy, are the highest in the world. Tidal Energy Generator The generator to be installed consists of a large turbine mounted on a steel base. Designed and manufactured by an Irish company, OpenHydro, one of a number corporations developing tidal technology, the 10-metre turbine will be capable of generating 1 megawatt (MW). The project will test the operation of the …

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Wind Power As a Green Energy Source: Today’s Energy: Clean Environmentally Friendly Wind Generators

For human civilisation to continue, there is a desperate search for alternate, renewable energy sources. Reliance on fossil fuels and natural gas has become risky, and although nuclear power is a viable source of energy, there are no adequate disposal techniques. Although these problems are only just now entering the minds of the masses through media coverage, scientists have been searching for alternate sources of energy for some time. History Of Wind Power 1000 BC -1300 AD The first wind powered machine was a sailboat and was believed to be used as early as 1000 BC. The first windmills of …

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Carbon Offsets: Buying and Selling Voluntary Emission Reductions

There are many ways to make and sell a carbon credit. One of the ways to take advantage of the emerging carbon economy is to make carbon offsets. Offsets are voluntary reductions that adhere to an established accounting protocol. They are often the only kind of credit available to project managers who make emission reduction projects in places where the government has not established any carbon management policy or rules. Who Buys Carbon Offsets Buyers of carbon offsets include companies and organisations that are not required to meet greenhouse gas emissions targets, but want to be seen to do the …

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